Asking A Girl Out At Work

Asking A Girl Out At WorkWhile asking a girl out for a movie or dinner etc. is quite a tricky affair, the situation takes a huge turn while asking a girl out at work. Not all organizations appreciate or tolerate such moves from their employees like asking a girl out at work and take severe actions against such antics. However, there is no constraint for a loving heart, come may whatsoever. One can find a number of couples who met at their workplace where they used to work as colleagues, sometimes in same department while sometimes in different departments. Many a organizations follow strict policies to handle such incidents at the workplace while some others ignore any such incident.

The most common way of asking a girl out at work is through telephone or company e mails. The phone can be considered as a safe option however, the company mails are not so secure way of expressing such personal thoughts as like asking a girl out at work as most of the companies do scan and scrutinize all the mails despite all claims of anonymity. Some of the narrow minded people do consider asking a girl out at work to be unethical and can provide tons of explanations for their thinking. Still people get to make out different ways of asking a girl out at work and do follow up with it. It is a very common practice to arrange a made up business meeting with a probable client which is ‘cancelled’ at the last moment and thus the two end up having a lunch together while sharing some quality time together.

Another breeding ground for such meets is the corporate get together arranged by companies. It provides ample opportunity to people to have leisure time with the peers and workgroups and sometimes the cherries of the relationship blossom during these parties. Many a people leverage their hierarchy to gain access to female employees and try to impress and lure the colleagues while not formally asking a girl out at work. All females must be wary of such superiors and must not succumb to any unprofessional demands of the seniors. There are laws in all countries that prevent on the job exploitation or molestation of the female employees by their male superiors or colleagues.

For many years, asking a girl out at work has been considered as a taboo and rare takers could manage to do so openly. Now a days the situation has changed and people are more open to make out together more openly than ever. It is not only limited to male colleagues to ask a female colleague out for a lunch or dinner or a casual coffee at the nearby café but the same is also being done by many a professionally successful female employees and they no more consider it a taboo to ask their male colleagues to party together or to spend some quality time together. It’s high time that the companies make more open policies on such subjects like this one.


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