Ask A Guy Out

Ask A Guy OutIt is a fantasy of all men to find a girl with nerves enough to ask a guys out but it is very difficult to find such a girl in most of the countries around the world. To ask a guys out for lunch or dinner or for a movie is not a term never heard of but the male dominant societies of our developed world still consider asking out strictly as a male bastion. It should always be a guy to ask a girl out on a date- is what most of the male chauvinistic society preaches informally. Though, with the advances made in the last century, females have been liberated enough in most of the countries that they can express their feelings openly and to ask a guys out for a date is just a part of this whole revolution.

Till the early 1900’s it would be very awkward for a girl to come forward and ask a guys out and in case some girl gathers up the courage to do so, sometimes the male being asked out may feel insecure with such a girl and may find the girl more dominating upon themselves. However, in the recent decades, the situation has witnessed a gruesome change and now a days a lot many girls do not get butterflies in their stomach to ask a guys out on a date. Even the boys do not mind at all being asked by a girl. Most such incidents happen during the school days, especially in the close vicinity of the prom nights when every girl and guy seeks to avail a suitable partner to accompany to the function.

In the colleges at the graduation level, it is also not a very uncommon sight when girls ask a guys out for dinner or for a party at one’s place. Usually girls are considered to be more straight forwarded while asking out a guy themselves. Unlike boys, girls do not usually beat about the bush and come to the point soon in the conversation without wasting much time. Girls are also considered to be more creative and full of ideas while asking a guy out. They may sometimes cash upon their culinary skill to lure a guy or they may showcase their artistic skills to portray their need of the guy. In all ways girls take it as a challenge to ask a guys out.

There are many a websites and forums on the internet which help and provide consultation and counseling to all whoever needs assistance in making out with someone. There are special sites for girls to encourage their morale and provide them with the pros and cons of the implied results of ask a guys out. A taboo once considered in the developed countries as well, it is still the same in most of the developing world with a partial mindset towards women. But with the educational advances in these parts of the world the situation may nit remain the same for long.


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